We are Silvia and Dario, a couple of italian artists with a great dream: enhance the everyday with the beauty and functionality of unique objects, made entirely by hand.



Every item we create draws inspiration from common moments of daily life and takes shape first in thoughts, then on paper and finally in the processing of clay.

Since our meeting in 2016, we have combined mutual knowledge and technical skills to create Claydès Art & Ceramic, an handmade ceramic laboratory where, through the search for different styles and new and ancient techniques, we create objects with a unique and contemporary design.

The uniqueness of an item is for us the tangible and visible value in every creation performed with hands.




"In my childhood memories there are many afternoons spent drawing and creating with hands, especially with my grandfather, my first big supporter. After completing the studies of Graphic Design, I attended the School of Decoration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona. 

–  Silvia Dal Bon


My love for drawing has been manifested since childhood, a passion that will take me to attend the Art School and later, after years dedicated to the study of sculpture at my father’s studio, the School of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice.” 

–  Dario De Leo




Our Values


We love combine the functionality of an item with the authenticity and uniqueness of the manual creative process.

Our ceramics are created with the best clays in a slow and peaceful path, respecting the human being.

A handmade item encloses a piece of soul of the maker and tells a story made of love and care.


Ceramic comes to life from a set of clays combined with water that slowly dries with air and is fired through the fire.

We strongly feel the need to think and create as sustainable as possible for our Planet: we use fired clays at high temperatures to ensure greater durability, and therefore less waste, over time.


What we commonly call "home" are the people who live there.

It is not only a physical place but also a mirror of what we are: if we feel welcomed and represented by the elements around us we will certainly be closer to happiness.