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Have you ever wondered what the sky would be like if the clouds were all coloured?

Very resistant and, at the same time, very light and translucent porcelain mug.

Created using a particular technique that involves tearing small pieces of fine porcelain assembled by hand.

The pleasure of sipping your favorite beverage in a unique mug!

Dimensions may vary slightly because each item is unique.

Each piece is handmade and not in series, then there will be slight differences between those in the pictures and those received, but we assure you that they’ll be almost identical to those in the pictures.

Washing by hand is always the best option for a long product life.

H  9 cm

Ø  7,5 cm

300 ml

Material: white porcelain

Finish: white, colorful pieces, glossy

Care: compatible with oven, microwave and dishwasher