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Every object we create draws inspiration from common moments of daily life and takes shape first in thoughts, then on paper and finally in the processing of clay.


We strongly feel the need to think and create as sustainable as possible for our Planet: we use fired clays at high temperatures to ensure greater durability, and therefore less waste, over time.

"Beautiful and very refined Sacred Hearts. They convey your passion. They brought love into our homes."

Veronica, Italy

"Fast processing, friendly and competent advice, every single product is a masterpiece in itself, I am very happy with my new plates."

Maria, Austria

"A well-made object can carry a fascinating aura, a ceramic object tells the story of who created it and who will live it, shows the signs of those who loved him and the fire that colored him. You can only love him."

Matteo, Italy

"I love handmade objects, they carry a piece of the heart of those who make them. Your creations are unique and for me it was love at first sight!"

Roberta, Italy

"Your Sacred Hearts are wonderful and convey all your love for ceramic. Shipping and packaging super!"

Simona, Italy